Gaming is my preferred therapy, because they allow me to escape for a moment. They allow me to forget all my problems, past and present, and just relax in a place where I have control. Within that control I feel safe and can relax. The best part though, is the community. Being able to enjoy a hobby with other people, veterans, that understand what it’s been like to go through what we’ve all seen. Sitting around talking shit to each other like brothers, even though most of us have never met.

–  G4V_Zero

Gaming gives me an escape. I can get out of my head and relieve my stress. I’ve used several therapeutic services for my PTSD but none worked as well as blowing off steam on a game. Not only does it help my nerves and stress but it also gives me a community of fellow veterans where we can play, vent, and help each other.

– Undeadgnome117

As an entertainment medium video games have always been my go to. During my time in the service it helped kill down time, and gave me and my fellow soldiers a stress free outlet to bond over. I’ve followed gaming for veterans since they first started and the interaction and communication with fellow vets and gamers on the page has been nothing short of great. It is a perfect example of how military vets don’t need to meet to get along. It also shows how gaming can bring people together, and allow a therapeutic and constructive environment for anyone, no matter their service or life history.

– S3_Sigma

I like gaming because it is the best way for me to keep in contact with the friends I’ve served with.

– oddball

Gaming Is how I cope with PTSD and horrors from service. I use it as a form of therapy to keep my emotions in check

– Piratekill3r

Gaming allows me to escape reality and be stress free. When gaming with friends, we laugh and joke even though we have never met, it’s like we’re a family. Gaming with everyone is great, it allows others to suggest ideas and help others while making fun of one another. This allows me to be stress and anger free while laughing with people I have never met.

– Boss

Video games. So many stigmas behind them from society, but honestly, video games truly have been my way to get away from the struggles I live on a daily basis. Without them I wouldn’t have an outlet from my depression and anxiety, or from the loneliness and isolation that comes along from being a Vet in a community of “army wives.” I have also found many friends through online gaming that have become closer to me than the friends I’ve met in “real” life. The gaming community definitely has allowed me to connect with individuals with similar interests which would have otherwise been impossible. It’s really a way of life for some us.

– MissNellyNell (US Army Veteran)

I was shot in the neck in Afghanistan. I have partial use of my left arm and hand. Video games are great therapy to help maintain and build dexterity use in my hand. They are also a way to play with my friends that I do not get to see now since I have been out of the army. I also use them to escape my shitty real life problems and to do things I can’t in real life like play football or shoot bad guys.

– Blugunner38

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