Freedom Crates

One of our programs include our “Freedom Crates” and they provide video games, consoles, PC’s + parts, accessories for all major gaming systems and online services.

This program is spearheaded by our staff to put together these care packages for deserving active military and veterans. We will work tirelessly with video game developers, computer companies and the public to acquire the best technology and games the gaming industry has to offer.

We stand for the service members that would like the opportunity to connect with fellow likeminded gamers by providing an alternative outlet for the burdens of war we bring home.

Enjoying an action-packed match on the battlefield, immersing yourself in an epic adventure story or creating a squad to kill some zombies is what we aim to do with this program. This is not the limitation of our program; we also know there are people out there with disabilities which impair their ability to enjoy a stress-free session. We will do our best to work with other companies to tailor equipment to YOU!

Consider donating for our cause and GAME ON!

Please fill out the form below to request a Freedom Crate delivery!