Boots on the Ground

Our “Boots on the Ground” program is to send our team finalists to be sponsored in a tournament against top tier players in the gaming community. For local events, we fly out our competitors to play against professionals for charitable events and prizes.

The Commanders Intent with this program is to bring gamers together for an intense game session.

We will also have casual events people can meet and greet. These local events we host will be a social gathering. Having a few brews with some buddies and putting a Virtual Reality headset on is a formula for a hilarious time.

Our goal will be a paid trip to play with and against the top tier gamers in the industry. How about a trip with some cool people to represent us at an event like ComicCon or BlizzCon?

How kick-ass does that sound? Consider donating to help make this mission possible!

Boots on the Ground

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